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RIA Training Bangalore offers the Best  Advanced Excel Training from beginner level to advanced techniques, taught by experienced working professionals in  Advanced Excel for more than 5 years. Our  Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore you’ll learn real-time concepts in expert level in a practical manner.

We at RIA Training Bangalore focus on delivering the  Advanced Excel Training that best suits you, whether it is regular classes or weekend batch. We understand your need for learning  Advanced Excel and we work together to deliver the best Training in  Advanced Excel that help you in building your future. 

Training Bangalore provides end-to-end support and helps you in identifying and learning the best course from our Training Institute.

Who can benefit from  Advanced Excel Training in Bangalore?

Students and professionals with experience ranging from 0 -15 years can take advantage of  Advanced Excel Training in RIA Training Bangalore and grow faster in a career. 

To support students we provide week day classes with theory and practical exposure. RIA Training Bangalore Institute is equipped with advanced lab where students can practice  Advanced Excel course on real-time scenarios.

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We Cover the following Topics in Advanced Excel Training

1. Creating a spreadsheet

Description: Building and formatting a spreadsheet. Performing simple calculations.
Goals: Create a spreadsheet that can be changed easily. Take advantage of the recalculations that are automatically carried
out after changes are made.

2. Performing calculations

Description: Adding calculations generated from data in a spreadsheet (for example, a sum, an average and a maximum).
Goals: Carry out precise calculations with accuracy. Define formulas in a frequently used spreadsheet that will automatically recalculate operations if any data that they affect changes.

3. Modifying the spread sheet structure

Description: Adapting the structure of a spreadsheet to accommodate new elements: Adding or removing rows and columns
Organizing data differently (for example, a larger spreadsheet broken down into smaller spreadsheets)
Goals: Facilitate modifications to existing spreadsheets. Finish an existing spreadsheet

4. Presenting a large spread sheet
Description: Defining several data levels in a large spreadsheet so that you can switch quickly between detailed and summary views.
Goals: Use the same spreadsheet to present both detailed and summary data. Vary the display and the printing of a worksheet depending on the desired utilization and the targeted public.

5. Graphing numerical data

Description: Representing numerical data graphically (for example: histograms, line and pie charts).
Goals: Reinforce the visual impact of reports and presentations (a few minutes is all it takes to create a chart). Simplify the reading of numerical series.

6. Managing a data list

Description: Organizing and structuring a set of data into a database in order to facilitate adding, deleting, finding and sorting data.
Goals: Find information that is stored in a list of data quickly and easily. Facilitate the updating of structured data.

7. Synthesizing the data in a database

Description: Bringing together a selection of data from a database into a summary spreadsheet.
Goals: Extract the key numbers from a database. Build a summary spreadsheet in just a few minutes. Display a large quantity of information in a summary form. Facilitate data analysis by grouping information according to different criteria.

8. Consolidating data

Description: Building a consolidation spreadsheet using several spreadsheets that share the same structure (for example, sales figures for different countries).
Goals: Display the totals from several different spreadsheets in one general spreadsheet. Keep a trend chart based on multiple spreadsheets up-to-date.

9. Automating a repetitive task

Description: Accomplish a task automatically by saving a series of commands and instructions.
Goals: Execute common tasks quickly and without error.w