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RIA Training Bangalore offers the Best  Perl Training from beginner level to advanced techniques, taught by experienced working professionals in  Perl for more than 5 years. Our  Perl Training in Bangalore you’ll learn real-time concepts in expert level in a practical manner.

We at RIA Training Bangalore focus on delivering the  Perl Training that best suits you, whether it is regular classes or weekend batch. We understand your need for learning  Perl and we work together to deliver the best Training in  Perl that help you in building your future. 

Training Bangalore provides end-to-end support and helps you in identifying and learning the best course from our Training Institute.

Who can benefit from  Perl Training in Bangalore?

Students and professionals with experience ranging from 0 -15 years can take advantage of  Perl Training in RIA Training Bangalore and grow faster in a career. 

To support students we provide week day classes with theory and practical exposure. RIA Training Bangalore Institute is equipped with advanced lab where students can practice  Perl course on real-time scenarios.

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We Cover the following Topics in Perl Training

PERL Course Content

Variables - Scalars, Arrays and Hashes
  • Scalar data - Numbers and Strings 
  • Scalar variables 
  • "print" function for output 
  • Getting user input using 
  • "chomp" and "chop" function 
  • "undef" value and "defined" function 
  • Defining Arrays and accessing Array elements 
  • Special Array Indices 
  • Array functions - pop, push, shift, unshift, reverse, sort 
  • Defining and accessing Hash Data Structure 
  • Hash functions - keys, values, each, exists, delete 
  • Exercise 
Control Structures and I/O Basics
  • comparison operators 
  • Associatively and precedence of operators 
  • perl's default variables $_ and @_ 
  • "if" control structure 
  • "while" control structure 
  • Input from diamond <> operator and @ARGV 
  • "foreach" control structure 
  • "unless" and "until" control structure 
  • "else" and "elsif" clause 
  • "for" control structure 
  • Loop Controls - last, next, redo, Labelled blocks 
  • Logical operators - && and || 
  • Ternary Operator, ? 
  • Formatted output with "printf" 
  • Exercises
  • Functions - System and User defined 
  • Defining and Invoking Subroutines 
  • Passing values to subroutines 
  • Returning values from subroutines 
  • Subroutine private variables - "my" and "local" 
  • When to omit ampersand 
  • "strict" pragma 
  • Exercises 
Regular Expressions
  • What are regular expressions 
  • Simple patterns, Metacharacters, Quantifiers, Grouping, Alternatives 
  • Understanding $`, $& and $' 
  • Character Classes and Character class shortcuts 
  • General Quantifiers 
  • Anchors and Mem Parentheses (Back references/Memory Variables) 
  • Exercises
Regular Expressions (Cont.)
  • Case insensitive pattern matching 
  • Binding Operator 
  • Substitutions and global replacements 
  • Case Shifting 
  • "split" and "join" functions 
  • Exercises 
File and Directory operations
  • Understanding Filehandles and Standard Filehandles 
  • Opening, Using and Closing Filehandles 
  • Function "die" and "warn" 
  • Changing default output Filehandle 
  • File Tests 
  • Traversing around directories 
  • Globbing 
  • Directory Handles 
  • Creating, Removing, Renaming files and directories 
  • Modifying permissions, ownership, timestamp etc 
  • Exercises 

Process Management

  • Function "system" and interacting with the shell 
  • Function "exec" 
  • Builtin hash %ENV 
  • Backquotes 
  • Processes and Filehandles 
  • Using "fork" function 
  • Function "waitpid" 
  • Signals and function "kill" 
  • Exercises
Strings and Sorting
  • Functions "index" and "rindex" 
  • Function "substr" 
  • Function "sprintf" 
Understanding references

Complex Data Structures
  • Arrays of Arrays 
  • Hashes of Arrays 
  • Arrays of Hashes 
  • Hashes of Hashes 
Packages, Libraries and Modules
  • Understanding packages 
  • Libraries, Functions "do" and "require", @INC and %INC 
  • Understanding and using modules 
  • BEGIN block 
  • CPAN and some simple modules 
DBI module
  • Database programming using DBI module 
  • Defining a SQL string using DBI